Melbourne: Indian student hurt in racist gang attack

By our community reporter

Melbourne: An Indian overseas student from Chandigarh was badly bashed in a train here on Saturday evening (9 May) by six persons, becoming another one to a growing list of Indian victims of violence.
Sourabh Sharma, 21, who is a hospitality student was confronted by six persons in a train near Leverton, on his way to home Warribee. They asked him for cigrattees and money and when he said he had none, punched and kicked him in front of many passengers.
Talking to South Asia Times on phone Sourabh said, “They harrassed and kicked me badly on my face. Took all my stuff like wallet, mobile phone, bag, watch and documents.”
” Someone pressed the trains emergency button but the train did not stop. I got down at Warribee and was talken by para medics to the Warribee Mercy Hospital where many tests were conducted on me and found a fracture on the cheek”, Sourabh said.
The attack comes in the wake of growing number of similar attacks on Indian and South Asian overseas students in the Western suburbs.

72 comments on “Melbourne: Indian student hurt in racist gang attack

  1. wayne says:

    Fines given out by the Victorian police do not go to the Australian government, they go to the Victorian government.
    I put to you than Australian kids are much better protected by our authorities than kids in India, where kids are mutilated to make more profitable beggars.
    Just what is wrong with any country using it’s education system to earn money? Why should all the students who study here stay here? On the one hand you complain about how bad it is but then you complain its too hard to stay after you study.
    There are nightclubs open all night in most countries of the world, why should Australia shut theirs and get on a pumpkin carriage at midnight?
    There are many Police in Australia from ethnic backgrounds, also many women in our police forces. On that issue Australian police forces would collectively one of the most racially diverse Police forces in the world today.
    Who will pay to have cops on every station all night until the last train? You want to turn this country into a police state?
    If you don’t like Australia then leave. If you wanna stay then your welcome, but stop complaining and get a life. Melbourne was after all named at I think number 3 as most livable cities in the world, and most of our capitals were in the top 20, so we must be doing something right here.

  2. Raj says:

    Government of Australia is not doing any action against it…they want our money but can’t protect us…Here Victorian Police is very active to charge or fine from the public to make the Australian government more income but never protect a child from drugs or crime, by doing that they have no gain so they neglect that….Australian government make their own rules for same purpose, For studying in Australia for two years, we need only 5 or 5.5 for IELTS and for working visa of two years we need 7 for IELTS ..why is like that?.Why don’t they make a single rule like if we want to study in Austarlia we need 7 in IELTS and so we can stay after study here with no difficulties, they won’t do that because if they make that there will be only less students come and study in Australia and they will stay here ..they need our money from students but they don’t want anyone to stay here and make money …In Australia there are lot of night clubs,pubs.till morning this increase the crime and influence the teen to use drugs….only this can be reduced by closing all pubs and clubs before 12am….in very railway station there should be a police patrol till last train…and a law to punish for below 18 people those who make crime so that parents should more aware for their child to be punished….also multi culture police in Australia….then there should be some changes come to Australia otherwise whatever we do nothing gone a work…..Also the agencies in India showing wrong idea about Australian job,study,stay and public..There should be a compulsory class from government of India for students to aware the current situation of Australia before they pay the fees for the Study or Lodge their Visa.

  3. Richie says:

    boggedDOWN…. Look into your collar b4 u talk trash about others …. its funny comeing from the national of a country here u dun even know the name of your neighbours !!! u talking about raping the poor living? Get over your blindness !!!!… open your eyes and see !!! Asian PPL are one of the most valuable sources of INCOME for your POOR recession stricken country… u kno nothing about economics and yet you try to prove your point …. this is utterly rediculous !!! u represent the IGNORANT and racist australians who just like to blabber when they r in their hole … but as soon as they come out … they are nothing more than an illeterate and ignorant lunatics !!!!

    Our country is more well managed and stronger than yours …. !!! u cannot survive a month in an environment as strict as ours …. u just don’t deserve to b in australia !!!

  4. boggedDOWN says:

    India is a festering pit of selfish people with no incite into one and others struggles. We don’t want people who stand by while there country rapes the poor living here. They have minimal respect for women and when they eventually become more affluent will have little or no social conscience. This is a broad generalization. Don’t believe it? watch and learn.

    Head back to your mismanaged pit of a country we don’t want you in ours.

  5. Jaina says:

    I ve been brought up in Australia and im Indian I reckon that the racism between Indians and Australians isn’t going to get anyone where all that’s going to happen is a lot of ppl are going to get injured or killed.Both nationalities are going to have try and make ends meet. After all were human beings. Australians should realize that its because of the government that Indians are allowed with in Australian borders and as for the Indians taking all the jobs well lets just say that we all need to work harder the recession isn’t going to get easy. With the Indians they need to find ways of working in their own country b4 they decide to apply for a visa. Also i think it would help if they could learn how to communicate in English to an execptional level before coming to Australia, with out that there is no point coming to Australia unless u want to embarrass your self

  6. Richie says:

    Wayne .. they took my previous comment out … mayb coz it was a bit rude and provocative ….. All i meant to say was …. we don’t want an incident like SOUTH HALL RIOTS to start up in australia ….

    geeee. i thought u white ppl had english as your 1st language !!!! LMAO….

  7. Richie says:


    Lihongyi…….. If u r in Aus at the moment .. then consider yourself an IMPORT too … but if u r in ur hometown….. you don’t need to worry about it …. !!!! this has got nothing to do with Singapore….. or perhaps it has got nothing to do with any NATION… its against RACISM… and Violence (Hate Crimes)

    Ps: if u r singaporean .. then u an asian too ….. !!!! think abt it mate !!!!

  8. lihongyi says:

    nono, don’t come to singapore. theres already enough imports here.

  9. RICHIE says:

    okay… my apologies for being rude… its just that i am very frustrate with what allz happening….. i love australia… its the place to be !!! only if the youth had something better to do …. like making their lives for instance !!!!

  10. Mehul says:

    I think We are Indian is Stupid :-? why i am going there? why i am study in abroad? still here in India and earn money. All NRI is Stupid. Okyyy.

  11. wayne says:

    “Don’t want another of the south hall riots to happen in Australia !!! ”
    These riots never happened in Australia, they were in the UK. Just what does this have to do with the price of fish?

  12. Richie says:

    I want everybody to have a look at this …

    Don’t want another of the south hall riots to happen in Australia !!!

    Have a look and you will see for yourself what happens if people are pushed too far !!!

    Cheerz !!

  13. Dave says:

    It is appalling that any person is attacked. And if racism is part of the attack, that is disgusting. Show me the racists, show me the attack and I will be the first person to send them to jail.

    However the statistics dont stack up…. the number of studensts have dramatically increased, and in line with this, so have the number of attacks…..only some of this issue is about racism.

    I have never witnessed any racism against any Indian student. I have many friends of Indian background and they have never complained about racism to me. That said, I live in the inner eastern suburbs and I avoid dangerous situations… like late night train travel.

    As an Australian I have recently been branded a racist by the Indian media and it appears, many Indian students. This is a tremendously divisive approach and is not helpful in addressing the core, complex issue.

    I think the Federation of Indian Students in Australia need to show some leadership, apologise for reverse racism that has arisen (eg All Australians are racists)… and work together with the Australian community to address something that affects all Australians… violence.

  14. GoodAussieBloke says:

    I am a an Australian and would like to say that these thugs that attacked the Indian students are not representative of most Australians. I have been attacked by Lebanese and Aboriginals partly for being white and not looking like tough guy. All nationalities can be violent and racist. Don’t let the racist thugs win. Respect your fellow man.


  15. wayne says:

    Oh and I can not own a business in most Asian countries, I also can’t own property in most Asian countries. But you can in Australia. Fact is all countries, including Asian countries, are very strict regarding their rules around foreign investment in major local corporations, this is not unique to Australia, and in fact Australia is more relaxed in this regard to most countries.

  16. wayne says:

    why should international students get concessions on public transport?
    Asian students pay the same fees as any other international student from anywhere in the world. Why should the government of Australia pay for the education nationals of another country, who are only here to study?
    Everyone in our cities is forced to pay expensive rent, makes no difference what nationality you are. Yes councils rightly stop over crowding in rental accommodation, it makes no difference if your black, white, yellow, green or martian. If you have 10 people in a 2 bedroom flat of course they will jump on you.
    25% of Australians did not vote for Pauline Hanson, she did not even get 2% of the vote in the last election. Not even that many voted for her in her most successful election from the past. You make a generalised statement about the reason I didn’t vote for her (and most other Australians) , What proof do you have to support this statement?
    Less than 16% of all graduates fail to get employment in their field of study, in their fist job. This statistic is the same for all.
    Australian soaps do still air in the UK, but who cares anyway they’re crap.
    Old Sol was trying to divert attention from his dismal failure as the head of Telstra, when share prices tumbled. And was having a parting shot after picking fights with every regulatory authority in the country and loosing. His comments were sour grapes.

  17. apartheid says:

    The violence not only target indians. but many other asians as well.

    In sydney, a chinese girl was raped, burgled and murdered by being forced to jump from a balcony near the college, linked to sydney university. Another chinese man was murdered with a nail gun. Two other chinese girls were knifed. The chinese consulate in sydney has had to complaint. Daily, asian looking people verbally assaulted, attacked and robbed.

    asian students pay the highest fees, get the worst jobs, are forced to take health and injury insurance, and are not entitled to student fares on government owned transportation systems. Private coaches however find it embarassing to discriminate on the basis of nationality.

    Asian students are forced to pay extortionate rent and should they decide to lower their housing costs by sharing their accommodation with friends, they are harassed by local councils, who are unconcerned about asian students’ housing needs and who do not want too many asians to move into the neighbourhood.

    Even though mainstream parties asked voters not to vote for Pauline Hanson, she managed to get up to 25% of the votes in Australia. Those who did not vote for her did so not because racism is bad, but because it would damage australian business with asian countries.

    Racist university lecturers routinely give more lower marks to asians than to whites.

    Even when asians manage to obtain the same degree as whites and have the same level of work inexperience as whites, statistics show that they suffer discrimination from employers.Only 16% of asian graduates from australian universities manage to get jobs in their field of study.

    Australians soaps are no longer being braodcast in the uk as they feature only white people.

    The head of telstra, a mexican-american, recently said that australia is deeply racist.

    As for asian investment, they have to pass the white australia policy test (eg the chinalco case).

  18. KB says:

    Have you guys actually watched the CCTV footage of the attack? The guys who were bashing him are ASIANS in fact one even looks south asian.. the young kid in the green top????

    There are no white hands visable in this horrible attack on this poor guy.

    This is not a ‘white’ racist attack… It’s a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    In india you wouldn’t sit on an empty carriage in a train at night alone….

    You people seriously need to understand Melbourne is the most multicultural city in australia. Most of the population are migrants who have settled from other countries.

  19. Richie says:

    WELL SAID MIKE !!! i couldn’t agree more !!!!

  20. Proud IndiaWoman says:

    Hey boycott Aussie goods cos they are made by drunkens.

  21. Mike says:

    Actually watching that video and seeing how young and immature those bullies are just makes me angry and upset. Hope they are caught and punished.

  22. Mike says:

    Being a Sydneysider, hearing about these attacks on trains gives me great concern. Australia is not like New York where people get mugged on the street. Something needs to be done to stop this violence on our trains – this is regardless of whether the people were Indian international students or not. There needs to be more police patroling the trains. Australia is one of the most racially tolerent countries in the world. Unfortunately though not every Australian is the same and not every person is nice. Sourabh, if I was you, I would have kicked and punched those thugs back and if I was on the train I would have kicked and punched those thugs to help you.

  23. Richie says:

    SUNIL !!! WTF seems to be your problem ? looks like u have never been attacked when u didn’t do anything wrong !!!!

    Nd u sound as if u never loved your motherland !!!! u r a disgrace!! saying all those things about ur own country !!! guessing by the looks of it, u seem to one of those ppl who go out there to respect others and have no respect of their own !!!

    i do agree that most of the indian crowd that comes there is from a rural background of not very elite class…. yest its okay if ppl are punished for wht they do… but beating innocent ppl and generalizing behaviour of the population of an entire nation based on what sum ppl do is pointless… have u ever went to aussie police, trying to tell them abt someone being racist ? NOT !!!! I HAVE !!! and i know how they try to make u let it be !!!


    Hope u have brains to understand what i said here !!!

  24. Richie says:

    Juggy !!!! whatup wif u bro ?

    1> Servant issue ? thats not racism…. thats the class difference… plus we give them more than what they earn … we give them clothes, help them in need … plus in my house, we use steel plates … which are the same ones that the servant uses !!!!

    2> Ur ciggi nd money i have already talked about in the previous reply to this topic.

    3> have u ever noticed that if an aussie guy gets attacked in home, the news spreads like fire and people actually donate to help them …. what about more than 20 indian ppl who have been attacked in the past month in sydney alone !!!

    4> Don’t forget that about 80% of these cases go unreported !!!!

    and you are right .. we need to stand together…. anf fight against this issue … not against AUSTRALIA…not even against AUSTRALIANS… but against RACISM !!!

    Cheerz all !!

  25. Richie says:

    Gud Job Prety Gal !!! i m impressed !!!

    these ppl have no idea what they r getting into…. in his hole, even a mouse shouts like a Tiger !!! … nd u r NO TIGERS u PALE RACIST FUKS !!! already ur nation has a lot to worry about in this time of recession…so don’t create more problems towards yourself by stopping ur nation’s income !!!

    i guess all those people who think that the attacks were for money and ciggs have forgotten that our ppl have been attacked with MOLTOV COCTAILs (Petrol bombs) and r still in hosp !!!! Guess u didn’t kno that eh ?

    i have been a victim as well and i kno what racism is … dun ne of u white trash dare tell me what it is !!!! i have broken ya’ll faces before and i will do it again if anybody tries to b racist !!!

    guess what … ???? looking at the comments above, i think ppl mistake india for some country where nothing works….

    Let me remind u all… none of the attacks in india were targetted racially… no one ever asked anyone to go back to their own country ? infact, we are more welcoming than any other country in the world !!!


    I m not saying all aussies are bad … i hav had great ausie frnds…. and ofcourse its a great place to be ….

    BUT !!!!! its all the young blood that is causing the problem and ………..************** the govt is to blame for this … they have taken all the rights away frm parents… and now the aussie youth is no better than their forefathers and now the youth are more interested in gangs and attacking people than in making their lives successful !!!!***************

    because of their hot headedness a lot of GOOD people in australia are getting a bad name as well…

    If u spread love, we will give you 10 times the LOVE !!! but if u hit us once, u will get 10 times worse !!!

    With love to all the lovers !!!
    CHEERZ !!!!

  26. SS says:

    Listten all INDIAN STUDENTS, very simple, tell all your friends in India not to go to Australia for STUDIES, there is Singapore, UK, Switzerland, NZ etc.

  27. Me says:

    Dear Pretty girl,
    Your comments are niave. For you to say that all australians are the same and deserve to be ‘kicked in the balls’ is pure ignorance. I am an australian and have many great friends I cherish here in australia that are indian including an indian partner. I have travelled to india on several occasions and also studied Hindi, my indian friends here in australia are very happy and feel very safe here. Take a look out your window and notice the death, destruction and terrible things that happen right under your nose in your own country, there are hundreds of tourists that go missing, killed, robbed, raped and beaten in india every year … Yet we do not blame your people as a whole for the terrible and completely unacceptable actions of minority groups.

  28. juggy says:

    i Just wana say couple of things
    1 They r not hitting him due to racist they r hitting him due to money nd ciggi..
    2 V pple protest in melbourne not because of racist v did it because australian government not ready to listen us,,,,,,,
    3 Finally v r more racist , for ex..if any sevent live in owr own house v neva share his bowl with us ……wot wud u called that (bloody racist)
    4 Therefore, v sud walk togather , v sud stand up against racism with huminaty nd defency,every one sud try to make it better….cheerz

  29. CultureShock says:

    I truely agree with most people here who said that indian students behave like jerks. They form their own community and do shitty things that they are used to back in india. Lets not forget that when we go to a foreign land, we have to respect their culture, way of living and try to integrate without invading their space & not forgetting our values.
    We take their jobs, tease their women, behave in awkward ways and think all’s fine.
    Till somebody gets whacked….
    Wake up indians! study the culture, the people and way of living of a country you are new to. Get on the internet & meet people, do some homework.

  30. pretty girl says:

    Fuck you australians. next time we see an australian on a street in India (and beleive me there are so many) we will kick their balls out. They’ll regret being born. You guys are the weak ones. Have you ever seen an indian bodybuilder. They’re 100 times stronger than your austalian counterparts. you guys stink. of your disgusting vegemite.

  31. spitonindia says:

    Please have pity on Indian students in Australia. these young people have run away from India because of extreme violence, corruption, extremely low moral values of Indian society in general and Hindu society in particular.
    They need time to come out of their natal shell.
    As far as indian media is concerned trust me their price is two pieces of chicken and a quarter bottle of whisky and india’s fake degree sellers can buy them at very cheap. 40% Indians don’t trust them as they don’t trust their politicians and hence do not vote because by not voting they are in a way voting against the establishment which includes politicians, mafias, bureaucrats, journalists and people involved in so called justice administration.

  32. raj says:

    Indian students plz be carefull as the Australian continent is made up of the british prisoners, pirates and criminals in early 1900. England govt sent the criminals to a seperate continent to get rid of them, now it is ass-tralia

  33. wayne says:

    It would be interesting to see how many Australians get attacked in India while holidaying. I suspect that percentage wise, there isn’t much difference. Crime in Australia, when compared to other countries is very low. In addition I would point out that the victims have been very well looked after by the state. This is not the same for people who suffer the same unfortunate fate in India.
    Fact is cowardly attackers choose victims that are either vulnerable or look different, this is the same the world over. An Australian in India or an American in the Philippines face exactly the same increased risk of violent crime, as an Indian in Australia. Indians are not over represented statistically as victims of crime in Australia.
    While it’s true that within Australia there is an under current of racism in some sections of the community, it’s most certainly not true to say all Australians racist. In this regard Australia is no different to anywhere else in the world, including India. Racially motivated attacks occur every where in the world, Australia is not immune nor is it unique.
    While all violent crime is disgusting, this story is obviously a beat-up (excuse the pun) by a few self interested activists, using the issue to project their voice and increase their personal power.

  34. SUNIL says:

    Yeh yeh yeh…………
    We call Australians racist but we dont know how racist we Indians are… who are the worlds biggest racist country.
    We hesitate to offer a glass of water to a stranger thinking he might be a scheduled class or tribe…
    We dont give our sons and daughters in marriage if the opposite are of different cast or even if they are tradesman and your sons and daughters are white collared.First remove the log from your eyes so that you can clearly see the speck in a strangers eye..
    Its not that the west has become jealous of our growth…The truth is we who were a wild and barren, who are been grafted into a fruit bearing plant, have forgotten that we were barren once and its because of the graft we have started bearing some fruits.
    Wherever we stand its because of western help… If a corroded iron rubbed with a magnet, start showing some magnetic properties doesn’t change its state of originality.
    I know what we Indians do when we come here to study or live… we think we can play the same dirty politics which we play among our own.
    The government and the Cops are 100 times better than those bloody government officials of my mother land neither are the Australians do prejudice like us…
    I was at Gabba when these Idiots students where showing there fingers to local Aussies every time a wicket fell, If you have come to their land behave in dignity. They are not concerned whom we support but stop acting like cowboys among them.Dont blame those Aussies who gave them Blak eyes after the match though its not right.
    If your universities are so good why the heck you come here……If your motherland is so good why the heck you leave it……
    As we say,If you don’t like it leave it..

  35. Aditya says:

    Mr. Australian and uswhitepower…. please get this through your thick skulls, you guys came to Australia bogged down by iron chains, we came there in airplanes. you killed aboriginals claiming that Australia was your land. know what? maybe a series of Australia’s very own southhall riots would set the god-darn record straight. also remember there are many of your compatriots in India…. so they might just be…..

  36. Richie says:

    Hey guys,

    i myself was attacked a group of aussies and wogs ( amongst others)… they continually asked for my nationality b4 they asked and then attacked as soon as on of the guys wif me said “INDIAN”… we wer 3 and they wer abt 25…. we stood our ground but eventually they overpowered us… i ended up in the hospital with continual ceizures/rabdomylosis and acute renal failure (includes head injury, memory loss.. and the docs fault in medicines)… and when everybody got together , it was all the lebboz and others who came to my aid … no indian was willing to stand up … all were like … “chal chadd yaar, we are so far frm home .. not here to create a rukus!!!”…. IF THIS IS WHAT THE ATTITUDE OF INDIANS IS, WE DESERVE THIS !!! It should be an eye opener for all dumbasses nw !!! i m bak in india and i wasted 4 years studying in aus…. nw i m studyin bacherlors in india again !!!! i dun want anybody else to go thru a situation like this again coz ur indian brothers don’t have the BALLS to stand up for themselves !!!!

    Remember the racist incident with a lebbo in sydney ? what did the lebbos do ? they closed down sydney nd melb very aggressively and beat all the white ppl!!!!! nd no one gives em shit nemore !!!

    ITS TIME WE ALL TAKE CHARGE !!!!! don’t b PUSSIES !!! get together … act like a MOB !!!! coz no individual action can be taken against a MOB !!!! show them what it means when hate crimes reach its peak !!!

    if u don’t stand up, u will SUFFER and so will your children…. some of them might even be killed by an illiterate son of a white whore !!!!

    THINK ABT IT !!!

  37. KUMAR says:

    hi iam an indian, iam living in sydney for 2 years and as per my experience i would say its all indian students fault.
    below the list of events i encountered;

    1)once i saw a young indian teen in a crowded train, using his mobile as a loud speaker to hear some indian song for more than a hour, and really that was too annoying, when you come from india to a foriegn country please prepare to adopt to their culture and manners, i know in india we can do anything what we want and we dont respect other people and their privacy, but please be aware that you guys are living in australia, this is not our country and if you want to stay please adopt, and beahve wiht proper manners.

    2) after i finished my work on a particular day i was on my way bac home, i saw 3 indian students sitting behind a chinese girl and pulling her and playing and really that girl was so scared and even as i am. they were three and iam just one guy from their same nationality. can any one say in which part of the world does this kind of behaviour is acceptable. we indians are lucky bcos australia is a more tollerant community. first we indians change our habits and complain about others.

    3) also some of my own friends did a nasty thing a few days ago, i went to join thme in a midnight party, and we were drinking and my friend who arranged the party got high and started to go out of his house and tried to tease and touvh the girls walkign outside his house. that was really shocking to me.

    please guys please be awake, before complaining some one as a racist first think of oyurself what we are doing. please dont be like a dirty politician, and stop complaining about other community, we are the one responsible for our own problems.

  38. fuckracist says:

    fuck all racists,especially lard (white assholes)!!white pigs,fuck your mums!fuck!!

  39. overlord says:

    to be honest , its pretty pathetic picking on a singular individual. If they really have the balls, take on a whole group of them or fight one on one. Pussies using weapons , should just stick their knives with their arses the next time.

  40. josuku says:

    C’mon I agree with some of the comments here especially Vijay. Have a good look at the attackers. I am an Indian and I havent seen a typical Australian 6ft burly man attacking or bashing Indians on trains. Imaging that and the consequenses then. Its always the weaker(runts) and cowards who choose weaker looking victims to feel powerful. A taste of that same medicine given to them would have them crying and running home to their mamma. I feel embarrased by weak Indian guys who cannot stand up for themselves. Build your muscles up (there may be gyms in unis) and look tough like my fav. Sydney swan hero Barry Hall. If you feel like a victim, act like one then of course you are inviting trouble. And it would be good to start communicating well. Speak English. We pride ourselves on our intellect so why not follow the proper etiquette of speaking English if we want to speak loudly (bad manners) and speak in your native tongue quietly so as not to offend others. I personally think the attacks are done by uneducated being who were also new immigrants in the past and are a bit envious of the progress…

  41. annoymous says:

    hey u fuck wit wt u think u chinesse r nt getttin bashed coz u guys lack balls to stand up for ur rights.
    n i guess every country has a university system y do asians and europenas cm here i think u have the answer nw?
    if ur australian may be ur ancestors were not so tht make su a penal colony resident or a refugee. Atleast none of our parents came here on a boat

  42. Darsh says:

    Australian, you’re an idiot who needs some serious psychological attention.

    It’s the representatives from Australian universities who come to India do their seminars to attract more Indian students to come and study in their universities.

    Education is Australia’s 3rd largest export and to boost this sectors they need 25% of Chinese & 20% of Indian student, so through the income it generates, your old nanny could be fed :)

  43. Australian says:

    Do Chinese students get attacked nope. What are indians doing to attract this attention ? I know of one incident where a young Australian student was run over by an indian student taxi driver. And consequently lost his leg. Don’t think its all one way. Indians are pigs. Thats why they are gettin bashed. I hope they stop coming here. Doesn’t india have its own university system. Stop using ours.

  44. uswhitepower says:

    Because there are too many Indians in Melbourne and Sydney, that’s why! They also very arrogant, speak funny accent, and do silly head-movement, who wouldn’t wanna kick them?

  45. Veena says:

    hey all, If they start stopping your sisters and wifes, what you gona do?

  46. jat says:

    Awake! open your eyes and think from mind. lets get together.

  47. Bhatta says:

    Racism is there in every Indian Blood.
    These events are showing the mirror image of what Indians also do. Go Home Bhai from Mumbai is more racist than a drugi or drunked saying Go Home. Desi’s talk do not act. My advice is to all new comers is “when you are in rome be like a roman”. Respect and accept.

  48. R.I.P Skinheads says:

    fuk all u cunts kill some racists dnt be scared u pussies

  49. Neha says:

    First of all the fact that people are not white does not make them non-racists,…Racists do not need to be of one particular nationality. The video shows brutality and the fact that Sourabh claimed that these guys asked him to “Go Home” as he clearly stated on the news shows RACISM. get your definitions right Vijay

  50. vijay says:

    How do you know it was a racist attack? Do you know if the perpetrators were white? You know, there is this little thing known as substantiating your claims with facts? This is nothing but yellow journalism. Please visit: