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Concern about older people in COVID-19 pandemic

By SAT News Desk/WHO MELBOURNE, 19 June 2020: Older people have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Leaders from around the world have expressed their concern about its effects on older people, communities, and society. They have also called for a response that addresses the needs and rights of […]

Accessing support for mental health issues the right way

Source- WHO By Deepti Sikka MELBOURNE: Good Mental health is a state of wellbeing wherein an individual is in control of the stresses of life. The emotional wellbeing of a person has a direct correlation with health. The more a person is in control of their mental health the more […]

New Victoria Police videos in different languages on family violence help

By SAT News Desk MELBOURNE, 5 JUNE 2020: Victoria Police has today launched videos in additional multiple languages to encourage people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities to seek help if they are experiencing family violence. Following the successful launch of the videos in English and 12 other languages last […]

Lockdown period – boon or bane

By Deepti Sikka MELBOURNE, 5 June 2020: The COVID-19 lockdown period is leaving a profound impact on humankind. People are living at different times, on one level there is a physical disconnection with the society but at another level, people are back to the grassroots level realizing and valuing family […]

Girish Makwana – Film maker, musician par excellence

Photo: SAT By SAT News Desk IN OUR SERIES ON PROMINENT SOUTH ASIAN PROFILES IN AUSTRALIA, SOUTH ASIA TIMES (SAT) PRESENTS TO ITS READERS THE PROFILE OF Girish Makwana, Melbourne based film producer/director, music composer/performer and leading Tabla player/exponent. Makwana’s movie The Colour of Darkness is streaming on FoxtellGo, Stan […]